Selling Real Estate Remotely

In recent months, the real estate industry has dealt with some very unexpected turbulence due to the Coronavirus causing shutdowns across the nation. In some states, real estate was not deemed to be an “essential service” which effectively paralyzed some estate companies who were less prepared.

While many real estate companies have made the difficult decision to sit on the sidelines and wait out this pandemic, DLP Realty has done the exact opposite. We have chosen to stay the course and we continue to adapt, adjust and build solutions for our buyers, sellers, and the communities that we serve on a daily basis.

The Hybrid Approach to Virtual Real Estates Sales

Lately, we often get asked how we have managed to remain so successful with virtual real estate sales and continue working for our buyers and sellers when we are, quite literally, unable to show homes in-person.

The simple answer is that we have taken a hybrid approach to the real estate sales process. We took what worked for us in face-to-face real estate sales and adjusted it in a way that has allowed us to implement all of those same components in a remote setting.

  • We didn’t change WHO we are. 

    Our focus on customer experience remains at the forefront of all that we do here at DLP Realty. We continue to “WOW” from afar via email, phone and Zoom meetings!

  • Virtual Home Tours with an Organic Approach

    Our DLP Realty team has worked incredibly hard to recreate the home tour in a way that has a more personalized, organic feel to it. We collaborate with sellers to have them conduct both live and pre-recorded video walkthroughs of their home, including fun commentary. Both buyers and sellers have really enjoyed this unique experience and we’ve seen great success with it.

Case Study: Selling Real Estate in a Virtual World

Are you unsure of how effective buying or selling real estate in today’s climate can be? Below is a great real-world example of a property we just sold sight unseen.Last week we had a seller come to us who wanted to put his parent’s estate on the market. It was a vacant property and he did not want to wait to list the home. We cautioned him that due to the stay-at-home orders in place, it might take a little longer than usual to sell the property because we couldn’t do in-person showings.

After working with the seller to have him take some great interior and exterior photos of the home, we went live with the listing.

Within just 5 days of listing the home a buyers agent had reached out with an offer of only $5,000 less than the full asking price! This was a cash deal and much to our surprise had no contingency based on viewing the home in-person. The offer was simply contingent upon a successful inspection, which is typical of any home purchase.

Needless to say, our seller was absolutely thrilled with the turnaround time. When DLP Real Estate Specialist, Cindy Lou Lapp, asked the buyers agent what led the buyer to go under contract without the need to see the home in person, the response was very simple and straight forward. The buyer knew the geographical area very well, loved the location of the home and stated they knew based on the photos that it was the perfect home.

If you’re a buyer, seller or even a real estate agent/company questioning whether or not the virtual selling process can work for you, let this be your answer. It works for us and it can work for you too. Don’t let the fear of a new way of buying or selling prevent you from buying your dream home or selling that property you’ve wanted to put on the market.

Reach out to a member of the DLP Realty team today by calling us at 800-350-8061 and let us know how we can serve you.

We are still helping homeowners buy and sell homes during the quarantine.

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