No Holiday Hassle for This Lehigh Valley Couple Thanks to DLP Realty’s Immediate Buyout Program

Allison and James F. are DLP Realty’s first recipients of the company’s Holiday Offer with the Immediate Buyout Program. During the month of December, DLP Realty will buy your home (as is), plus give you a $5,000 gift card at closing! The IBO is the company’s longest-running homeselling solution, offering a competitive price for your home without the hassle of costly home improvements and cleanups, scheduled showings, and all those extra closing costs.

Allison and James originally listed their updated and well-maintained Nazareth home with DLP Realty Listing Agent Cindy Lou Lapp. It didn’t take long before they had offers, but unfortunately they experienced not one but two deals that fell through and they were back to square one, relisting and scheduling more showings.

Soon after relisting again, the couple found the one-level home they were looking for, a 3-bedroom detached ranch in the Lehigh Valley. Not wanting to risk losing out on this new home, they decided to sign-up for the IBO which gave them not only cash in hand and piece of mind, but also the ability to buy their next home. And, with the holiday offer, they’d receive an additional $5,000 gift card toward whatever they wanted, a nice extra during the holiday season.

 Cindy says, “After the second deal fell through, I knew Allison and James were growing weary of dealing with new buyers and all of the hassle. Selling your home is extremely time-consuming and stressful. When they found their next ideal home, they were afraid of losing out. The IBO really does solve the Catch-22 of real estate.”