Marketing Your Home and Selling for More Than Your Competition

90% of home buyers search online during the buying process, according to research from the National Association of Realtors and Google.

That may have you thinking: You can just list your home on the major real estate platforms, and you’ll have buyers knocking at your door.

That could happen. But there’s more to the process.

While house hunting has become increasingly digitized, marketing your home involves much more than sticking a sign in your yard and listing on MLS®. You need a marketing plan that finds qualified home buyers. That’s how you sell your home for more than the competition.

Here are the keys to marketing your home and achieving the most profitable sale possible.

Understand how home buyers operate

Consumers have evolved in the digital age. Before they make large purchases, they watch review videos on YouTube, inquire with friends and family on social media, and look up brands on search engines.

For home buyers, the story is mostly no different. Nearly every potential home buyer will use the internet to find information on available homes. You must leverage digital marketing tactics when selling your home.

But you have to pay attention to something else: the importance of people in housing transactions. After all, 87% of home buyers and 92% of home sellers hire a real estate agent.

Moreover, although 50% of home buyers first saw their home online, 28% still first see the home they purchase through their agent. The conclusion is this: when marketing your home, you need a multi-faceted approach.

At DLP Realty, we understand the value of integrating online and offline marketing. Though most qualified buyers do use the internet, they still rely on human realtors for more information. You need someone with expertise to get buyers excited about your home and willing to make an offer.

So, how exactly do you go about marketing your home to sell fast and at a top price? Let’s discuss how you can combine online and offline marketing tactics.

Marketing your home with online and offline strategies

First and foremost, get your home ready for sale by following staging tips and making upgrades (read our guide here).

Once your home looks the best it can, get to work on your marketing strategy.

For online marketing, do the following:

  • List on MLS®: Standing for Multiple Listing Service, this gets your home shown on the largest database of available real estate. At DLP Realty, we help sellers list locally as well as outside the area. This ensures you find more home buyers and agents.

  • Take lots of good photos: Buyers want to imagine themselves in the home. While good descriptions are a must, great photos will win them over. Get professional photos for each part of your home. And include those images in your listing.

  • List on real estate websites: Again, 90% of home buyers will search online. Our Success Managers at DLP Realty make a point to list homes on thousands of sites.

  • Create a 3D virtual tour: Listings with virtual tours get 40% more clicks and 49% more qualified leads. Create a 3D virtual tour, and you’ll find more home buyers. Thankfully, it’s not hard to do with certain technologies, such as Matterport.

  • Get active on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have billions of people on there. Even a simple post could help you find qualified home buyers within your larger personal network. At DLP Realty, we take it a step further with targeted advertisements, which bring more qualified buyers to you.

Now that you know how marketing your home should work online, let’s look at how you should integrate offline marketing. Because if you want to learn how to sell your home for more money, you must know how to differentiate yourself with offline marketing.

This is where hiring the right real estate agent matters greatly. They can ensure every qualified buyer sees your listing and doesn’t choose a competing home in the area (we know how unfortunate that is).

Offline marketing begins with a strategy for finding prospective home buyers. For example, at DLP Realty, our Success Managers leverage our database of thousands of active buyers. We then make calls, send mail, and more to ensure qualified buyers know about your home.

You also need great feature sheets. When potential home buyers tour your home, giving them a sheet with inspiring descriptions and great photos helps keep your home at the top of their mind. This is especially important for indecisive buyers.

Beyond that, offline marketing can include word-of-mouth within your network, yard signs that stand out, and print/newspaper advertisements. The point is this: when marketing your home, you need a thorough online and offline approach. This guarantees you get in front of the most possible potential buyers.

At DLP Realty, we also stress flexibility with open houses. In today’s market, buyers want the freedom to explore a home on their on time and in private. Be flexible with home showings and don’t be inside when buyers visit!

Getting the most money for your home

Marketing your home doesn’t end with getting good leads. You have to close them with great sales and negotiation tactics. This is how you sell your home for more money.

I like to remind sellers that close only counts in horseshoes. For a successful sale, you must master negotiation. That starts with having a real estate agent price your home right initially. Of course, chances are the buyer won’t offer the asking price. It will be higher or lower, depending on the market.

Then the negotiation process begins. Remember:

  • Expect counteroffers: Don’t be offended. They offer. You counter. This is perfectly normal. Eventually, you’ll come to an agreement.

  • Don’t only consider the price: Selling your home comes with other fees, such as closing costs and mortgage fees. You can even negotiate on appliances, moving costs, and other things. Make sure to calculate the dollar value of anything that’s being negotiated.

When marketing your home, momentum is key. The right strategy can find you excited home buyers and lead to negotiations. If you negotiate like a master, you’ll sell your home for more money and walk away smiling!

Marketing your home for a successful sale

Marketing your home today requires an intense focus on digital strategies, such as creating 3D tours, listing your home on all the sites, and getting active on social media. But to differentiate yourself, you need successful offline marketing.

To ensure you beat the competition and sell your home for more money, do the typical marketing tactics, like putting a yard sign up and doing a newspaper ad. Also, work with the right real estate agent. They’ll leverage their network and expertise to deliver you qualified buyers.