eXp’s Revenue Share Program Offers a Big Upside

Don Wenner Team | eXp Revenue Share

There are many reasons why agents join eXp Realty, including a generous commission plan and potential for stock awards, but one of the popular reasons is its revenue-share program, which is very different from a profit-sharing program.

eXp’s revenue-share program is different. The company shares 50% of its revenue (Company Dollar) received from each transaction, before expenses are removed.  This means agents can financially benefit from “sponsoring” new agents. Every time the new agent closes a sale that contributes revenue to eXp, the sponsor benefits.

For example, when a new agent joins the Don Wenner Team | eXp Realty, they name the Don Wenner Team agent who “sponsored” or “referred” them to join. Once the new agent begins closing on transactions, the sponsor will receive a percentage of the revenue from the sales. It is based on gross commission income (GCI), and is dynamically calculated and paid monthly. One important note is that eXp pays that share — not the new agent; it comes from the company split of the commission.

eXp’s revenue-share program tracks and pays on transactions up to seven tiers. So participants can receive a portion of the revenue from transactions completed by agents they directly sponsor. As well as the transactions of agents sponsored by those agents, and so on for seven tiers. 

Our agents drive the growth of the Don Wenner Team | eXp Realty, and share in the revenue generated by their efforts and influence. Become a part of the #1 Real Estate Team by joining the Don Wenner Team | eXp Realty