DLP Realty’s Lease Back Solution

So you have your dream home in your ideal neighborhood and you may be ready to sign the dotted line that day or you may need a bit of time to get situated for the move. With DLP Realty’s Lease Back Option you are able to get cash in your pocket and move when you are ready.


Here are the top three reasons why a leaseback program may be right for you:

Our plan allows for easy retirement.  Money Magazine ranked Bethlehem PA as the #1 city in the all the northeast regions to retire, which means there is stiff competition when it comes to securing a home that will suit your needs and wants. Get started on your retirement plans early and beat the odds by securing your beautiful, luxury custom home ahead of time.

As times goes on, award-winning communities are going to begin selling out, stripping prospective homeowners of the opportunity to purchase a brand new custom home in a reputable community. Even if you are not ready to move just yet, but know where and when you want to move, be sure to secure the home of your dreams in your ideal community before that opportunity is gone.

When you have found the perfect move-in-ready home, but haven’t been able to sell your current home, a leaseback opportunity will make the timing fit your needs by placing a hold on your future home and giving the market a chance to take your former home off your hands.  Allow us to handle your burdens, fixing anything and everything your home needs, from home repair, appliance upgrades, to paid utilities, amenities, and more.

Unlike when selling your home, at the time of closing our Lease Back Options program allows you to receive 100% of your home’s equity.  You have access to the full monetary value of your home, without the pressure to immediately move out.  With an average closing time of 2 weeks, we get you your money quickly.  This is a convenient option for lowering your housing expenses and relieving the burdens of ownership.

With these perks your only worry is paying market rent, while DLP Realty will take care of property taxes and homeowners’ insurance; allowing you options to stay in your home, move anytime, or after one year buy it back.

We are here to help and find the best for you and your family.  Use your own agent or talk to us directly.  Only 3 steps to sell, it’s never been this easy to refinance your home.  

Know your options, DLP Realty has plenty for you!