DLP Realty Sells Handyman Special with Ease and Above Asking Price

Listed as a ‘handyman special,’ the dedicated team at DLP Realty helped their client to not only sell her property, but did so avoiding a short sale and closed above listing price. 

The two-unit property, located in Weatherly, PA sat vacant for 4 years. While it was in need of maintenance and renovations, the multifamily apartment home was ideally situated close to the New York border. Priced and marketed correctly as a property with rental potential and fixer-up appeal, it was flooded with offers that went above the listing price.  

Cindy Lou Lapp, DLP Realty Specialist commented, “What we thought would be a short sale turned out to be an excellent offer. It cleared the mortgage and the seller could walk away, not owing a single penny.”

The buyer, also a DLP Realty client, was amazed at the ease of the sale. She commented, “Thank you, Cindy, I am still in awe about how well organized and smoothly the whole process went. I already gave the website to one of my coworkers.”

Many thanks to the entire DLP Realty team, including Vicky K., Buyer Success Manager; Derek A., Transaction Coordinator; Tina Steur, Listing Services Manager; and the dedicated marketing specialists that made this home buying and selling experience a breeze.

Actual letter from client below:

I had  been  trying  to  sell  my  property  ever  since  my  relocation  plans  changed;  I  tried  other  agencies  but   maybe  the  time  just  wasn’t  right ,  I  prayed  about  it  and  when  I received  a  reply  from  dlprealty,  I  knew  this  is  the  right  one  because  there  was  a  well-received  bible  verse  of encouragement, Philippians4:13, “ I  can  do  all  things  through  Christ,  who  strengthens  me”.  And I  knew  this  one  was  God  sent.  I am still amazed  at  how  quickly  and  smoothly  the  whole  process  went.

After sending in my  keys,  the  property  was  visited  and  evaluated.  Although the property had deteriorated,  DLP Realty  was  still  able  to  apply  it  to  another  more  suitable  program  for  my  situation.  After the initial application was  completed  and  sent  to  dlprealty,   I  was  assigned  to  a  real  estate  agent, Cindy, Lou Lapp.  She referred  me  to  one  of  the  many   program  strategies  that  was  available  through  the  company,  her  objective  was  to  sell  my  property  and  she  did.  Cindy explained every  nuance  through  the  process   and  always  asked  if   I  had  any  questions,  also  she  was  not  afraid  to  improvise on  the  original  plans,  she  was  very  confident  and  I  trusted  her  every  step  of  the  way.

Buyer Specialist, Vicky,Kemmerer  worked  late  at  preparing  paper work  information to  get   the property  ready  for  presentation  and  sale;  I  was  astonished  at  how  fast  they  all  were  prepared  to  start  the   process  as  soon  as  possible.  Instantly  after  I  verified  the  information,  the  sale  was  posted,  and  offers  started  to  come  in.  I  felt  confident  because  they  all  were  so   competent  people.  I  believe  that  Vicky’s  talent  was  instramental  in  the  sale  of  my  property,  she  brought  out  the  bling  in  that  place  and  that  was  not  easy.

Derrick Antol  called  to  say  he  would  be  handling  the  title  search  process,  to  notify   the  bank  and  request  the  necessary   details   of  the  property  as  well  as  a  buyout  statement,  it  all   sounded  so  technical  to  me  and   I  was  glad  that  he knew   what  he  was  doing.  He  assured  me,  we  would  be ready  to   close  whenever  the necessary   bank  papers  arrived,   and  he  would  keep  me  posted.  They also  gave  me  the  choice  to   be  present  or  not  to  be  present  at  the  closing,  how’s  that  for  convenience?   I  chose  to  be  absent  from  the  closing ,  and  the  necessary  forms  were  sent  to  me with  clear  instructions  and  a  self  addressed  envelop  to  send  back.  The  closing  day  went  very  smoothly,   and   my  property  was  successfully  sold:  I  think  the  dlprealty   Team   was  God  sent,  to  me,  and  for  everyone  else,  the  dlprealty  Team  is  a  well  oiled,  dedicated  to  perfection  group  of   experts who  are  more  than  willing  to   serve.


Thank  you  Mr.Don,Wenner Sr.  dlprealty.



P.S.   I  heard  from  the   bank   and  they  were  pleased  at  how  sucessful  the  closing   went.