DLP Realty helps over 4,000 families in a very different 2020

It’s been quite a year and 2020 proved to be unlike any other!

The year took a rocky turn beginning in February as COVID-19 first appeared in the U.S. By March, government mandated shutdowns took effect and in PA, real estate was no longer considered essential business. Many businesses downsized, some closed for good, and the buying and selling of homes appeared to be going nowhere, at first. Thankfully, realtors got creative and here at DLP Realty, we thought way outside the box.

Although COVID-19 seemed to put the brakes on many of our daily activities, it didn’t stop home sales and home purchases. At DLP Realty, we immediately went virtual; if buyers couldn’t physically enter a home that was on the market, they could see it virtually. We even had our sellers assist us with filming their properties, some even narrated which gave buyers an interesting perspective.

When physical tours were allowed, we followed all safety protocols, including hand sanitizer, mandatory masks, even gloves and booties when requested. Closings were conducted with safe distances between parties. As June rolled around and some of the restrictions were lifted, home sales in PA continued to soar. As more and more families left New York and New Jersey for the more affordable Commonwealth, demand increased considerably.

DLP Realty focuses on providing solutions and regardless of roadblocks and the economic downturn, we provided over 4,000 solutions to families with homes. We were also honored to be named to the No. 7 spot in the entire U.S. for the latest Real Trends The Thousand for sales transactions; accomplishing a move-up-the-ladder from the previous year.

While this past year proved tumultuous, we continued to be driven and focused while working closely with individuals and families to find a solution tailored to their needs.

Quote from Jonathan Campbell, VP of Sales at DLP Realty, “This year has been a trying time for many of us but I can say with great pride that this was not our mental approach during 2020. Our people and the collaborative, solution-focused, team approach that we have has allowed us to serve our community at the highest level and help out so many families that needed it this year. This year has given us the strength to have another record-setting year going into 2021! We truly have the best people on our team.”

Most importantly, as we approach the end of 2020, we would like to thank our clients for their continued support and partnership. We wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year. And if you weren’t one of our clients this year, we would love the opportunity to speak to you to help you find your perfect home solution.